The Whistlers 2019

Critic The Whistlers Reviews

Eric Kohn

MetaScore: 83 AddDate: 05-21-2019 Autor: Eric Kohn

The Whistlers goes down easy and dissipates soon after the credits roll, but with a murky plot in which the heist in question is often beside the point, the accomplishment of the movie lies within what it says about that agreeable flow.

Steve Pond

MetaScore: 90 AddDate: 05-22-2019 Autor: Steve Pond

The Whistlers is no minimalist slice of realism, but an oversized, deliciously twisted ride that runs on an endless supply of black humor and a sizeable body count. You won’t laugh much while you’re watching it, but it’s a hoot nonetheless.

The Film Stage

MetaScore: 58 AddDate: 05-21-2019 Autor: Rory O'Connor

To its detriment, this has the feel of a film that has been constructed in service of one absurd idea.

Bradley Warren

MetaScore: 91 AddDate: 05-21-2019 Autor: Bradley Warren

This comedic thriller is witty and diverting without selling out on the Romanian reputation of thoughtful, challenging work.

Justin Chang

MetaScore: 70 AddDate: 05-23-2019 Autor: Justin Chang

With its intricate twists and double-crosses, plus an arresting if underused femme fatale named Gilda (Catrinel Marlon), it’s a much more accessible effort, but with no appreciable loss in brainpower.

Tim Robey

MetaScore: 80 AddDate: 05-21-2019 Autor: Tim Robey

It’s the kind of filmmaking with rich confidence in its own professionalism, like a hired assassin purring with his own satisfaction after a devious, trace-free job.

Lee Marshall

MetaScore: 60 AddDate: 05-21-2019 Autor: Lee Marshall

Only in certain scenes do story and ideas really mesh

Nathalie Atkinson

MetaScore: 75 AddDate: 09-10-2019 Autor: Nathalie Atkinson

The whistling was originally developed to more conveniently communicate across great distances and that gives Porumboiu the perfect excuse to repeatedly frame the assorted players dwarfed by vast cityscapes and spectacular nature vistas.

Christopher Gray

MetaScore: 75 AddDate: 09-06-2019 Autor: Christopher Gray

Corneliu Porumboiu’s film is very much a genre exercise, and a particularly Soderberghian one at that.

Phil de Semlyen

MetaScore: 80 AddDate: 05-28-2019 Autor: Phil de Semlyen

The Whistlers has a tonne of pulpy circuit-breakers – look out for a hilarious ‘Psycho’ tribute – to remind you not to take it all too seriously. Hitchcock would have approved.